An Optimistic Erie.

Four days after giving birth to my second son, I returned to the dais to cast a Yes vote for the single largest open space acquisition in Erie history. The Wise Farms property, 169 acres of transcendent beauty, is more than double Erie’s previous largest open space acquisition. As many Erie families can relate, the days following a child birth or adoption can be chaotic, however cultivating An Optimistic Erie means putting residents at the center of every decision I make and every vote I cast. The transaction was approved contributing another treasure to Erie's world class portfolio of parks and open space.

Optimism is contagious and wonderful achievements are happening all over town. The impressive depth and breadth of new businesses that have chosen Erie to call home is a testament to putting the right focus on creating a supportive business environment. The costly, decades-long “we'll never get along” dispute with Lafayette was resolved expeditiously during my term. New perspectives and thoughtful negotiation yielded an immediate influx of potential retail tax dollars from the newly committed Lowe’s. I, alongside a group of determined residents, successfully lobbied the State to pass the landmark legislation in Senate Bill 19-181, providing municipalities local control strength over oil and gas operations where none existed before. We accomplished so much together so it is imperative we keep our foot on the pedal and avoid swerving course.

I am excited to announce my re-election candidacy as your Mayor. It has been a true privilege to serve you and there is more work to do. In the coming months, I will articulate my vision for An Optimistic Erie and specify actionable steps to ensure Erie continues on a positive trajectory for current residents, future residents and all of Erie's future four day olds.

With optimism and humility,
Mayor Jennifer Carroll


Meet Jennifer Carroll.

Jennifer has the background, experience and drive to deliver on her commitments.

  • Aerospace engineer and manager for Ball Corporation delivering U.S. Military and Space solutions

  • 10 year resident of Erie holding multiple elected leadership positions

  • Current Mayor of Erie serving two year term; four years serving as Trustee; top vote recipient in 2018 Mayoral election and 2014 Trustee election

  • Founding liaison to the Erie Sustainability Committee

  • Former engineer for U.S. Intelligence Agency developing solutions for the U.S. Military

  • Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from CU Boulder

  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Ohio State

  • Held elected leadership positions in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) representing 10,000+ members regionally and 5,000 members locally

  • Married to Alex, mother to Quentin, Harrison and dogs Lily and London

  • Grades 3 and 4 head coach for STORM youth lacrosse 


Values matter.

Com•mon Sense

Running a town should not be rocket science (though technically Jennifer does that for a living). Erie needs sensible and responsible decision-making that prioritizes the town's interests over special interests.


Jennifer prides herself on hard work and making the right decision, not the easy decision.  She has demonstrated her leadership through numerous government, non-profit, business and academic roles.


Jennifer will not accept donations from oil and gas special interests seeking political exchange for permission to operate oil wells with less scrutiny near Erie schools, churches and residences. Erie residents take priority.


Jennifer's accomplishments in academics, science, business and volunteerism were achieved through a common theme; an unwavering commitment to integrity and building the trust of those around her.


Jennifer's commitments to Erie.

Alleviate traffic congestion at key intersections and borders

Jennifer will continue improving our partnerships with neighboring county and municipal governments to implement transportation solutions that alleviate increasing congestion for our residents commuting to work and for our neighbors to support Erie businesses. Commuters to neighboring cities such as Boulder and Denver will benefit by doubling the lane capacity through green lights at our borders to reduce commute times.

Guide Erie's Town Center project to fruition

Jennifer understands the importance of ensuring the Town Center project, ~400 acres in the center of Erie, is executed mindfully to uphold Erie's core principles and honor our rich history. The designs, completed through unprecedented community collaboration during Jennifer's term, have the community buzzing. Jennifer is uniquely qualified to guide this extraordinary opportunity from a set of designs to a unifying space we are all proud of. 

Forcefully apply local control over oil and gas operations

Jennifer is leading the fight for Erie residents impacted by the urban interface between oil and gas development and our schools and residences. Jennifer's respect at the State Government helped her gain a voice for Erie residents when it mattered, contributing to the passage of landmark Colorado Senate Bill 19-181 during her first term. This new legislation fundamentally changes the landscape affording municipalities local control where none existed before. Jennifer will forcefully apply the maximum amount of local control legally permitted to reduce and eliminate the impacts of oil and gas operations in Erie.

Approve incentives to jumpstart business and commercial

Jennifer advocates for pro-growth solutions to support responsible and sustainable business and commercial growth within Erie. Through strategic investments and partnerships, she believes the Town of Erie has a critical complimentary role to play in developing a sustainable retail sales tax base and creating jobs within Erie's borders. The last two years of sustainable business growth confirms Jennifer understands how to promote and foster the right environment for businesses in Erie to thrive.

Expansion of parks and open space

To preserve the character, beauty and recreational draw of Erie, Jennifer will prioritize investments in our community parks and open space to expand Erie's world-class portfolio of parks, open space and multi-use spaces.  Jennifer's approval of the single largest open space purchase in Erie history, 169 acres of transcendent beauty, was just the start.


A proven track record of results.

  • Signed the purchase approval of 169 acres to be preserved as open space, more than the double the size of the previous largest open space purchase in Erie history

  • Negotiated and signed landmark peace agreement with the City of Lafayette, ending a decades-long feud that cost taxpayers millions in direct and indirect costs.  Shortly after the peace deal was put in place, Lowe's signed a contract, adding the potential to contribute millions to Erie's recurring tax base.

  • Led the charge to get a ballot initiative to Erie voters to overturn SB152, allowing Erie to pursue high-speed municipal broadband.  86% of Erie voters voted in favor.

  • Approved the Town Center designs, one of the most exciting diverse residential and commercial opportunities in Erie's history

  • Led the creation and approval of the Sustainability Master Plan

  • Drove strong retail tax base expansion anchored by the successful Highway 7 King Soopers retail complex opening

  • Steady delivery of Erie Town annual budget surpluses

  • Consistent recognition by residents as one of Erie's most accessible elected officials conducting monthly in-person coffee chats, pre and post board meeting high-level summaries, virtual Facebook Live resident chats and frequent participation in community forums allowing residents a voice through communication mediums that meet their lifestyles

  • Record-high levels of trust and confidence in the Erie Board of Trustees recorded from residents surveyed in the annual benchmarking study

  • Erie recognized as one of the 'Best Places to Live in America' by Money Magazine


Jennifer's civility oath.

Erie is an amazing community made up of amazing people.  Residents deserve elected officials that uphold civility as we navigate our present and future challenges. I am sharing my civility oath so you, the residents, will hold me accountable to the highest standards.

I pledge to:

  • Respect different opinions

  • Debate the idea, not the person

  • Disagree constructively

  • Listen

Erie Mayor Jennifer Carroll

January 1, 2020

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