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An Optimistic Erie!

Hello Erie residents,

I am excited to share with you all that I am running for Mayor in the upcoming April 3, 2018 Erie Municipal Election. It has been a true privilege to serve Erie residents on the Board of Trustees over the past four years. My service on the Board and the numerous opportunities I have had to interact with Erie residents, business owners and community leaders has cemented my conviction that Erie is an extraordinary place to live, work, play and raise a family. I feel so blessed to raise my family in Erie and an obligation to make certain we continue to sustain and improve upon the great community we have built.

Over the coming three months, I will articulate to you my four areas of strategic focus including traffic and commuter investments, fiscal responsibility, strategic business investments and a common sense approach to oil and gas issues. I am confident a strategic focus on these four key community issues will continue making Erie an even better place to call home and that I am the candidate uniquely qualified to deliver on these commitments.

If you are interested in joining our grassroots campaign, please visit the "Contribute" page on my website, follow my Facebook page for updates (www.facebook.com/jennifer4erie) or send an email to jennifer4erie@gmail.com to get involved. I encourage you all and your friends in the community to learn more about me, provide feedback on issues that matter to you most, and ask questions. Erie is an amazing community made up of amazing people. I could not be more excited about the future of our community and with your support, I commit to maintaining the trajectory we have established and implementing positive changes that make all residents proud to be a part of An Optimistic Erie.

Thank you all,

Jennifer Carroll for Erie Mayor