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Poise Makes for Great Mayors

Poise makes for great mayors. By design, less contentious topics are handled by Town staff leaving the most contentious and complex topics to come before the Mayor and the Board of Trustees. The nature of these most challenging issues requires a Mayor to sustain intensely strong pressures from special interests, non-Erie stakeholders and residents that fall on all sides of a decision outcome. Residents need to be confident they are electing a Mayor to stand resolute for Erie. In my four years serving on the Erie Board of Trustees, I have demonstrated the poise to look past the loudest voice or shiniest object and pursue solutions that result in the greatest benefit for Erie. I am calm, level-headed, and leverage analytical skills learned as a practicing Aerospace Engineer to avoid emotion-only decision making. As Erie’s next Mayor I will make all residents confident to be a part of An Optimistic Erie.


Jennifer Carroll for Erie Mayor