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Incentives to jumpstart business

As Erie's next Mayor, I will advocate for pro-growth solutions to support responsible and sustainable business and commercial growth within Erie. Through strategic investments and partnerships, I believe the Town of Erie has a critical complimentary role to play in developing a sustainable retail sales tax base and creating jobs within Erie's borders. I understand what it takes to promote and foster the right environment for businesses such as restaurants and retail establishments in Erie to thrive.

To continue bringing high quality business and shopping opportunities into Erie, we must work on creative incentives for businesses at the 'big three' retail opportunities in Erie including I-25 and Erie Parkway, Nine Mile (287 and Arapahoe), and Four Corners (County Line Road and Erie Parkway). Not every business or development needs an incentive, and incentives aren't one-size-fits all so having a Mayor that knows how to tailor incentives is critical.

First, I will ensure that our high potential retail growth opportunities along I-25 and Erie Parkway proceed with a focus on quality and ensure the build-out of the property aligns with Erie's long-term objectives. This piece of land provides an incredible opportunity to bring in sales tax dollars from non-residents, offering Erie the opportunity to welcome shopping, dining, experiential-focused businesses like music venues and sporting complexes, children's museums, arts centers and Erie employment opportunities to our town.

Second, at the Four Corners property at County Line Road and Erie Parkway, I helped pass the business improvement district which allows this developer to move forward with unique plans to pair business space, restaurant space and a community center like 'The Source' in Denver to the center of our town. I am excited to have set this project up for success however please note, I plan to recuse myself from further votes on the specific development plans on the property as my residence is within 300 feet.

Third, at Nine Mile (287 and Arapahoe), I will ensure the agreement between the Town and the Developer I helped pass is executed in a mutually beneficial way, making sure the development adds sustainable value to Erie, brings in sales tax dollars from non-residents, and acts as an appealing entrance for Erie's West side.

Erie has put in place a strong foundation for retail growth and with targeted investments and letting free market principles play out, I am uniquely qualified to lead Erie towards a sustainable and thriving retail base.