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Transportation and commuter investments

As a proven collaborator, I will turn a new chapter in Erie by building partnerships with our neighboring county and municipal governments to implement transportation and commuter solutions that improve access for Erie residents to their primary places of employment and for our neighbors to visit and support Erie businesses. Commuters to neighboring metro areas such as Boulder and Denver are already feeling the pain of increasing commute times during rush hour. Fortunately, there are low-hanging transportation and commuter initiatives I will champion as Erie’s next Mayor that will help alleviate this growing concern.

My first transportation and commuter investment initiative will be to push our State and County transportation partners to double the intersection lane capacity that pass through green lights (two lanes through the light that merge back down to one after the light) which commuters in the morning and evening know will result in more cars passing through congested intersections and reduce commute times. This model has proven successful at the East-West intersection of 75th and Arapahoe and should be extended to Erie’s perimeters.

My second transportation initiative will be to increase our presence at the State level. As Erie’s next Mayor, I will appoint a representative to commit and participate in the Denver Regional Council of Governments (commonly referred to as DRCOG), which is the regional meeting of Denver metro area communities whose mission is to determine policy and funding for shared issues including transportation. Erie’s participation level over the last four years has not been consistent at this pivotal meeting that influences State investments. As Mayor I will ensure Erie has consistent participation on this Council and a seat at the table at all of our regional boards to discusses transportation investments that will benefit Erie. The other coalitions we need to have representation at include the I25 Coalition, Mayors and County Commissioners 36 Coalition, NATA and the Highway 7 Coalition.

Erie does not have full authority over transportation and commuter decisions that impact our town but as Erie's next Mayor, I will ensure Erie has a voice and a seat at the table when high-impact State and County transportation investments are selected.