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Endorsement from outgoing popular Mayor Tina Harris

Thank you Mayor Tina Harris for your endorsement!

"Citizens of Erie,

It is vital in the 2018 election that we vote for a mayoral candidate that reflects our community’s values. If you, like me, want a mayor that listens to all citizens even when they don’t have the same views; then you will join me in voting for Jennifer Carroll. In the four years I have spent on the Board of Trustees with Jennifer, the top three qualities I have come to admire and appreciate about her are her authenticity, empathy, and analytic decision making expertise.

Her authenticity comes through in her efforts to be accessible to all citizens. Throughout all four years of her term on the Board of Trustees, Jennifer hosted coffee chats, virtual chats and many other creative communication methods to allow citizens multiple ways to access her. You can be confident Jennifer’s commitment to engage with residents is more than an election promise and will accelerate as she transitions from Trustee to Mayor. She is always willing to discuss any topic a citizen has a concern with or question about. She truly listens, and makes the effort to support citizens. You are guaranteed, whether you need help gathering information, or have a more pressing issue, she will work with you. Speaking of information, she also makes the effort to help citizens understand the issues being decided at town hall by providing previews and recaps of meetings. Furthermore, her engineering background has trained her to look at issues critically and comprehensively.

There is not a better candidate than Jennifer Carroll. She truly cares about every citizen in Erie, and understands that representative government means you represent all citizens, not just the ones who are the same as you. She has proven time and again she will confidently and capably take on any issue with an analytical engineer’s brain, ensuring the best outcome for Erie long term.Please join me in voting for the best mayoral candidate this April, Jennifer Carroll.


Tina Harris"

- Tina Harris (Mayor, 2014 - present)