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Three principles that define An Optimistic Erie

When I started to put together the themes of my campaign for Erie Mayor in late 2017, I thought long and hard about what makes Erie so special and how I could lead a campaign that promoted and stayed consistent with Erie’s community values. In those early days, I jotted down three assumptions that would guide my campaign principles. As we are just days away from election day, I want to reflect on the these three principles and share how each is integrated into my campaign.

1. Erie residents share an optimism for our future and that should be celebrated

After a dozen meet and greets and countless correspondences with residents, it is more clear to me than ever that residents in Erie are passionate about making Erie the best community we can be and have a wide range of philosophies on how Erie should get there. This passion and diversity of thought needs to be celebrated rather than be used as weapon to suggest Erie is divided. I incorporate An Optimistic Erie message in every campaign yard sign, flyer, brochure, and webpage to celebrate and honor this collective optimism for the future of Erie that transcends any political ideology.

2. Erie residents are civically engaged, thoughtful and make their voting decisions based on substance

At times, I don't think we give each other enough credit on what a smart and engaged community we live in. Throughout the campaign I've heard concerns that Erie voters may be swayed to vote based on trivial items and that I should be investing more in those areas. I do not share this concern so I made the conscience decision to focus my time, energy and financial resources on sharing a message that is substantial, thorough and has the depth Erie residents deserve to make their voting choices.

3. Erie residents prefer candidates define themselves, not each other

In National and State politics, candidates seem to spend more energy attacking each other rather than being focused on sharing their own platform. While this may be an effective strategy, I don't believe it is consistent with our community values so I have chosen not to define any candidate or candidate's positions other than my own. If you look back through my postings, essays, position statements, and online and candidate forum interactions, you will find I stayed true to sharing my message and did not attempt to define any other candidate with the exception of three Trustee endorsements I shared with express permission of the candidates.

I am proud of An Optimistic Erie and I hope the values and principles of this campaign have shown through the election noise. I would be honored to represent you as Erie’s next Mayor. Remember to turn in your ballots by April 3. It is too late to mail them so they need to be dropped off inside Town Hall or in the drop box out front.

Thank you, Jennifer Carroll for Erie Mayor